Revolutionizing Charging Through Motion


Has your phone every run out of battery? Yes? Well, ours too.

Over the past decade, electronic devices have become a part of our daily lives. However, without power, these gadgets are merely blocks that have no use or purpose. This is where Kinecto comes in.
Kinecto takes away the conscious act of charging by making the process completely sustainable and wireless. Kinecto is a wireless charger that revolutionizes charging through motion. You carry this device around with you, and energy from your daily movements will be stored to charge any other device you want. Never carry a wire, power bank, or another battery with you. Kinecto will replace all of these. With Kinecto, become your own power source and never run out of battery again!

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All You Need Is You


Kinecto is a technology startup that began its journey in 2017. Kinecto’s vision is to be a global leader in renewable, portable energy devices. The team consists of a great mix of business and engineering and possess the skills to carry this company forward. Kinecto’s team was united for a common purpose to solve this problem for everyone. Kinecto’s aim is to alleviate the anxiety and frustration that comes along with low battery and eventual loss of power.

With Kinecto, your battery will be 100% everywhere, and all the time.





Rabia Mughal

Rabia Mughal was born and raised in an entrepreneurial family. Her active involvement in family businesses since early on has sparked her to become a serial entrepreneur herself. Rabia is a driven and dynamic individual, who is greatly familiar with the business culture in the GCC countries.

Zaid Mughal

Zaid has always been interested in technology and wants to create an innovation that would revolutionize the world. Zaid is an adventurer and has an ability to explore a wide variety of skills and perspectives. Zaid believes that every moment is a puzzle that can be solved with focus and determination.

Zainab Elmahdi

Zainab Elmahdi is interested in social reformation and empowerment. She is very active in her communities, and has organized many events and activities throughout the years. With a strong business background and an entrepreneurial mindset, she believes in taking initiatives that promote growth and development.

Abeer Malik

Abeer is passionate, skillful and hard-working individual. She has actively participated in several entrepreneurial activities such as startup weekends, Global Management Challenge, and many more. She has good mathematical skills and has participated in (and won) several math competitions.

Tarek Chriki

Tarek Chriki also actively participates in entrepreneurship activities and has won several competitions in this field. He is passionate and driven towards his goals.

Tasneem Hussain

Tasneem Hussain strives for knowledge and continuous skill development as she pursues opportunities to satisfy her curiosity and enthusiasm. Tasneem believes that hard work and passion are the keys to success and they always pay off.

Rania Zarandah

Rania Zarandah, Palestinian, born and raised in Qatar. Rania is a very well-organized and willing to learn and work hard to gain more experience to try benefit her society and her country.